Leaders of Two Universities Visited EST

author: EST

The leaders of NingboTech University and College of Science & Technology Ningbo University visited EST. We have carried out in-depth industry-university-research cooperation to give full play to the positive role of enterprises in cultivating applied talents in colleges and universities.

College of Science & Technology Ningbo Universitys and ESTs Representative Team

College of Science & Technology Ningbo Universitys and ESTs Representative Team

In order to better match the professional direction of college graduates and enable students to find jobs they are familiar with and like after leaving school, the representative team of EST firstly led college teachers to visit the company's best-selling products and newly developed products in the market.

Leaders Visited ESTs Products

Yan Feng, who graduated from College of Science & Technology Ningbo University and is now a Deputy Director of Sales and Service Management Department of EST, was very excited to meet his teacher again after several years. He said, “I came to EST after graduating from school, until now. Thank you for your cultivation”

Dr. Chen Yang, the current deputy dean of College of Science & Technology Ningbo University, was very interested in after listening to the brief introduction of the product by the former students, and also made some discussions on the mechanical structure and performance of the product. The atmosphere was very warm.

Afterwards, university leaders and the EST representative team discussed in depth how to cultivate talents needed by society through school-enterprise cooperation.

As the most powerful solution provider in the IMM control industry for 30 years, Ningbo EST Technology Co., Ltd. started campus recruitment in 2014.

After cultivating many college students, EST General Manager Xia Qinghua concluded, "In addition to the lack of practical experience, some students have not found a definite direction or do not know what they are good at when they graduated, but after cultivating them for 6-12 months, they will have an objective understanding of the company. At the same time, we will find their real development direction based on the observation of their work and the interests of the students.”
Qiu, Vice Dean of Information Institute, NingboTech University. In terms of teaching innovation, Mr. Qiu has always adhered to the original intention of being responsible for students, improved students' participation, optimized the curriculum system, and made better integration of professional and social employment. He said that in order to improve the quality of personnel training, in the future teaching mode, according to the requirements and characteristics of enterprise personnel training, corresponding enterprise managers and engineering can be invited to participate in the formulation and adjustment of teaching plans.
By this way, the training objectives of professional talents will be clearer, and students will have a better understanding of the needs of enterprises and prepare for internships and employment as soon as possible.

At the same time, accepting corporate culture and professional ethics education after understanding the products, production technology and management concepts of the cooperative enterprises, can also cultivate students' sense of responsibility, enhance cooperation awareness, employment awareness and social adaptability.


Sign Cooperation Agreement

Finally, Xia Qinghua, General Manager of EST, signed an industry-university-research Cooperation Agreement with Fang Fang, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of  Information College, NingboTech University.