EST Cooperate with Ningbo Fudan University Alumni Association to Help Fight Against COVID-19

author: EST

EST has been paying close attention to the prevention and control of COVID-19, and is working with people across the country to fight against this situation.

When the epidemic entered a critical period, EST together with the Ningbo Fudan University Alumni Association, launched various channels to unite with loving compatriots at home and abroad to contribute to the prevention and control of the epidemic.

The First Batch of Supplies

Help! Support!


On February 3th , medical supplies were extremely scarce. Masks were in short supply on the market, the letters for help from various hospitals were published in media.

The alumni of the Ningbo Fudan University Alumni Association have established a material group. And help the hospital to seek epidemic prevention supplies together.

Xia Qinghua, General Manager of EST, one of the Fudan alumni, said that EST will fully support the donation of medical supplies.

The first batch of supplies was quickly collected - 2,000 goggles, 10,000 masks!


Supplies Arrived at the EST Warehouse

The company quickly established a volunteer group, and 6 volunteers arranged the donated supplies in an orderly manner, and delivered the supplies to front-line hospitals in Ningbo safely and effectively.

Eight Major Hospitals in Ningbo Have Received Supplies

The Second Batch of Supplies

After the first batch of supplies was donated, major hospitals in Ningbo said that this batch of supplies was really helpful. With the shortage of domestic supplies, Ningbo Fudan University Alumni Association contacted the Indonesian compatriots, hoping that they could find some available supplies locally.

After the unremitting efforts of Fudan University alumni, we finally obtained the Indonesian supply channel, 3 tons of supplies were flown to Ningbo! Including masks, protective clothing, surgical gowns, gloves and other medical anti-epidemic supplies, a total of 279 boxes and 322,690 pieces!

Due to the large amount of supplies, Ningbo Charity Federation personally guided and supervised customs entry, transportation, and packing. 3 tons of supplies are planned to be packaged and sent to major hospitals in Ningbo and hospitals in other parts of the country that are in urgent need of supplies.

Front-line doctors are waiting for these supplies, and Ningbo is in urgent need of a distribution center that can sort supplies quickly!

EST takes on the task!


Supply Containers Arrived at EST Building 9 Warehouse

As a leading company in the plastic machine industry, EST has a complete set of cargo storage, packing and logistics systems. On February 9th, just after the plane of the Indonesian compatriots arrived in Ningbo, EST opened the door of Building 9. Six experienced volunteers from the warehouse department has waited early at the gate of Building 9. Then carry out quick sorting of supplies together with the assembled Fudan Alumni Association volunteers and Ningbo Charity Federation staff.

17:30   Container Arrived!

20:30   Supplies’ Sorting Finished!

On February 10th, all supplies that Ningbo needed were sent out, and all supplies that other places needed were sent by SF Express!

69 boxes and 105,020 pieces in this batch of supplies were donated to Ningbo . The following is the handover list with Ningbo Municipal Health Commission

Supplies donated to other regions amounted to 210 boxes and 217,670 pieces. The followings are donations to other regions


The Third Batch of Supplies

During the peak period of the epidemic, EST also invested 480,000 yuan to purchase 4,000 sets of medical protective suits with the help of Ningbo Fudan University Alumni Association, which took off from Turkey and transferred to Shanghai via Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan.

However, when the shipment arrived in Baku on February 8, the news stalled. Cargo piles up at Baku Airport during the epidemic. And more than 300 tons of backlogged goods are waiting for delivery, while the daily delivery capacity of Azerbaijan Silk Road Airlines is around 10 tons. According to the schedule, this batch of protective clothing needs to wait for more than one month.

Alumni of Fudan University, after layers of hard work, finally contacted Mr. Vugar Mammadov, Vice President of Silk Road Airlines, and asked him for help.

Finally, after being stranded in Baku for 2 weeks, the goods arrived at Shanghai Pudong Airport on February 23, and arrived at EST on the 24th!



After receiving the donation, Shanghai Fudan University Education Development Foundation sent a letter of thanks


 2,000 sets of protective clothing were sent to major hospitals in Ningbo. The hospitals sent letters of thanks