Tips: Solution of IMM Wading Problem

Generally, after the IMM is flooded, it may cause different degrees of water inflow in the electrical machine, hydraulic system, lubrication system, etc. In this case, it should be dealt with in the shortest time to reduce losses. You can deal with it from the following aspects.
General Principles

1. Disconnect all power supplies to ensure that the whole machine is disconnected from the computer;
2. Disassemble the wading computer, drive, motor and surrounding electrical components, rinse with clean water, and remove surface dirt and impurities;
3. Then deal with each part separately.

01 Computer Processing System

1. Remove the circuit board and remove the built-in battery (if have);
2. Scrub each circuit board with alcohol, assemble it after drying, and test it by power-on separately.


02 Servo Processing System

1. Open the drive cover and place it upright;
2. Remove the isolation net of the motor fan port and place it upright;
3. After drying, replace the cover and isolation net;
4. Find professional technicians to deal with it, do not disassemble the motor without permission to avoid aggravating losses.

03 Oil Circuit Processing System

1. Check whether the hydraulic oil is discolored by water. If water is in, the oil tank should be cleaned and dried as soon as possible and all hydraulic oil should be replaced.

Tip: Check whether the hydraulic oil is water

Open the plug at the bottom of the fuel tank on the rack, let out a small amount of oil, dab a little with a piece of paper and set it on fire. If it fails to ignite or if there is a crackling sound during combustion, there is moisture in the hydraulic fluid.

EST Tips

Afterward Notes:

1. In order to avoid the danger of electric shock caused by the accumulation of water inside the machine, after confirming that the equipment is completely dried, it should be placed in a ventilated and dry place. Use it after a week or so.
2. Check the grounding wire of the whole machine to avoid short-circuit fault of the grounding wire in contact with water.


Time is Money 
Clean the machine in the shortest time
Prevents corrosion of machine components
means that losses can be minimized
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