2020 Ningbo Plastic Machinery Industry Annual Conference Ended Successfully!

author: EST
On March 12, 2020 Ningbo Plastics Machinery Industry Association (including the Forging Branch) Annual Conference and Inovance & EST Customer Appreciation Banquet was grandly held at the Intercontinental Hotel Ningbo. 

Ningbo Plastic Machinery Industry Fifth Fourth General Assembly

At the meeting, Zhang Jianfeng made a work report on "Turning Crises into Opportunities for Innovative Development". President Zhang said that 2020 was an extraordinary, striving, and even an unforgettable year. In the face of the crisis, Ningbo Plastic Machinery Industry adhered to the general tone of seeking progress while maintaining stability, adhered to new development concepts, which achieving positive growth in the industry's economic indicators.

Subsequently, Chen Dong, Secretary-General of Ningbo Plastic Machinery Association, made the "2020 Annual Association Financial Report". Then, Su Dongping, Executive Vice President of China Plastics Machinery Industry Association, gave an report on“Overview of the ‘13th Five-Year’ Plan and ‘14th Five-Year’ Development Plan of China's Plastics Machinery Industry”. Later, Xie Pengcheng, Professor of Beijing University of Chemical Technology, shared the "Development Trend of Injection Molding Technology and Equipment Innovation Technology".

Finally, Xia Qinghua, General Manager of Ningbo EST Technology Co., Ltd., shared the "New Generation Intelligent IMM Control System Solution" with the guests. Mr. Xia reviewed the development process of the IMM control system, explained the IMM control system’s changes from one generation to three generations & and the advantages of the new platform and introduced the third generation of intelligent IMM control system solutions - IVenture control system solutions. 



Ningbo Plastic Machinery Industry Association (Forging Branch) Awards Dinner
Inovance & EST Customer Appreciation Banquet


       After the council, all the guests attended the banquet, and enjoyed the Cultural Show.

Host Appearance


This dinner was hosted by Ningbo TV hosts A Wei and Lan Lan. The dinner firstly commended the “Top Ten Enterprises” in the comprehensive strength of the plastic machinery manufacturing industry in Ningbo in 2020, “Top Five Enterprises” in terms of growth rate, the companies that made outstanding contributions to the fight against COVID-19, and enterprises who won the first, second, and third prize in the EST Cup Basketball Tournament.



Many wonderful programs were prepared for the dinner. The fancy violin performance track quickly brought everyone into a harmonious and cheerful atmosphere.


The performances were fantastic and the audience applauded. Among them, the Dialect Interesting Dubbing and Magic are both performed by EST’s employees. Later, the performer of Andy Lau's super imitation show, Chen Liming, conquered all the audience with his fiery passion and realistic appearance and sound.   

The host A Wei imitated Liu Huan, Fei Yuqing and others, which was vivid. Then he sang "Shanghai Tang" and "A Spray of Plum Blossoms" with Manager Xia, which pushed the atmosphere of the dinner to a climax.

In addition to the wonderful performances, there are also surprise lucky draw sessions interspersed with them. After the third prize and the second prize were drawn, the first prize finally went to No. 205.

In the singing and dancing program, the customer appreciation banquet came to an end.


New Year 2021, let us cooperate sincerely and shape the future together!