Ningbo Innovation and Entrepreneurship Management Service Center Organize Relevant Enterprises Docking EST

author: EST

In order to promote industry exchanges and achieve the goal of industrial connection, mutual benefit and win-win, on the morning of November 26, 2021, under the organization and leadership of Wei Zhu, Secretary of the Youth League Committee for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Ningbo National High-tech Zone (New Materials Science and Technology City) Park, Rongze Wang, Huawei's corporate strategy senior expert of the Ministry and Director of Development Ecology, Qingfeng Sun , General Manager of Huawei Cloud Ningbo, and Baozhu Zhang, General Manager of Ningbo Haitang Information Technology Co., Ltd., came to Ningbo EST Technology Co., Ltd. to communicate with each other. General Manager Qinghua Xia extended a warm welcome to them.


At the exchange meeting, Director Wang first introduced the Huawei Hongmeng system in detail, showing the technical features and unusual interactive experience behind it. General Manager Xia, believed that the HarmonyOS system, as a key to full-scene experience, will surely enter more fields in the future and create a new situation in the Internet of Things industry. Then, General Manager Zhang shared the product development experience in image analysis and processing, intelligent monitoring, intelligent manufacturing and other fields. Finally, the three parties had in-depth exchanges on industrial Internet platform, AI, industrial layout and strategic cooperation. And explore more chances for future cooperation.

After the meeting, everyone expressed that they hope to promote common development on the basis of mutual benefit and win-win through close exchanges in the future.