Good News | EST was Selected as a "Little Giant" Enterprise


A few days ago, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China announced the list of "Little Giant" enterprises. Among them, Ningbo EST Technology Co., Ltd. was successfully selected as the third batch of national-level specialized and  new "Little Giant" enterprises that were recommended and supported in the first year. (Also known as the national Key "Little Giant".)

It is only 9 months away from Ningbo EST Technology Co., Ltd. obtaining the national-level specialization and new "Little Giant" enterprise certification. Promoted to the national Key "Little Giant" enterprise is not only the recognition of the important role played by EST in the whole industry chain, but also created an opportunity for EST to achieve rapid growth.

EST will take this as a new starting point, and on the basis of giving full play to its technological innovation advantages and maintaining a leading market share, it will continue to innovate and improve, and promote industrial change with expertise.