New Employee Orientation

Welcome New Employees
On 13 May 2022, Ningbo EST Technology Co., Ltd. successfully carried out the pre-job training for new employees in the first half of 2022. With the attention and support of our leadership team, the Human Resources Department and all functional departments worked together to arrange a unique pre-job training course for the new employees.

On-site Review 
In order to let new employees master the company's relevant rules, regulations, work procedures and adapt to the working environment, the training was conducted in six sections: company introduction, personnel system, information security, expense reimbursement, administration and safety education.


All the training lecturers took turns and were humorous, the new employees listened carefully.

During the meeting, General Manager Xia expressed his warm welcome to the new staff to join the EST family. General Manager Xia shared his insights and gains from different stages of his life. He hopes that everyone will have a clear purpose and do things that are valuable to society.

In order to enhance employees' sense of belonging, old employees led new employees to visit the whole company. It is believed that after hearing and seeing, the new employees will have a comprehensive understanding of EST.

Photo of Outstanding Employees 
The new employees are the new strength of EST. Through this training, the direction of new employees behaviour and code of conduct were further clarified. It is believed that they have a preliminary knowledge and understanding of the basic situation and management system of EST in various aspects, and have enhanced their sense of belonging and identification with the company.

In this training, Deng Bo and Xu Wenyan performed outstandingly and achieved excellent results, and were rated as Outstanding Students.   

Ningbo EST Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise with control technology as the core. EST has won municipal honors for many times. In 2021, it was also awarded the title of “Little Giant” enterprise by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China.      

EST is in a stage of rapid development. In addition to technological innovation and continuous improvement of the company's competitiveness, EST also pays attention to the growth of employees, and has established a complete one-to-one mentoring system to enhance employees' sense of happiness and belonging to the company.      

Welcome to EST !