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Two-Board Machine

Two-Board IMM Integrated Solutions

Precision and Efficient

Features of Two-Board IMM Integrated Solutions Control System


Convenient: It saves us a lot of time.

• The iCAN communication method is convenient for installation and using. It does not require complicated wiring, which greatly reduces the difficulty of operation.

Precision: Pull rod position can reach 0.01mm

• Support a variety of electronic rulers: ordinary, SSI, CAN open, Ethercat.

• The position accuracy can reach 0.01mm. And the positioning accuracy of special function position can reach ±0.1mm.

Efficient: The response time can be as short as 20ms

• It can increase the output of oil pump to improve the running speed of the whole machine by increasing the motor speed.

• The response time can be as short as 20ms to improve the response speed of the system.
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